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Noble Accounting helps everyone that we can. This was a special case because the client is a trusted family friend. He also was very knowledgeable in the industry as his profession was a tax accountant. We wanted to make a great impact and show our friend how we handle each and every client that we provide services for.

The Findings

Our friend was having an issue. For several years he claimed everything was fine and he had the “IRS audit under control”. There was one problem though, our client had completely stopped communicating with the IRS. Through some diligent work together, our client presented Noble with IRS Lien Letters that he had not received due to of change of address expired.

So we decided to research and see what else we could find. While looking into some IRS records, we found that the IRS had concluded their 2-year audit of our client.

Informed accountant of numerous mistakes resulting in S-Corp status being declined.


The Noble Approach

So what were we going to do about all of this? Then, a thought…what if we Negated to take advantage of S-Corp tax savings? So Noble developed and implemented a solid strategy to stop IRS liens, develop a payment plan and renewed S-Corp. We do this all while working thru the IRS debt.

There was an extremely high probability of the Statue of Limitations expiring before the entire balance is paid. We made this a priority since assets did not allow for penalty abatement. Here’s how we stepped in to help the company:

Noble Involvement

We became the company’s trusted business advisor. We provide services that completely handles back-office operations, provides comprehensive budgets and future forecasting models based on existing and past quarterly reports that were provided.

Interested in Retaining Services?

We would love a chance to help you achieve your accounting services goals by understanding you and your business. No case is the same, so we use our experience and superior consulting abilites to create a better understanding and roadmap. Don’t worry, we will be there every step of the way to help you though the dangers and pitfalls thats so many other companies find themselves victim too. Don’t delay, contact us today!